Autumn Fashion Tips.

Thursday, September 18, 2008
It's been a while since i've done one of these, so I thought it time to pull together a few items that you can and can't live without this Autumn...
Its been a sunny day so lets start with the positives...the things you can't live without!

Huge Cuff Bracelets
- Teamed with glam rags are worthy of the red carpet this season.

Bodice Topped Dresses - Pushes you up and pulls you in, in all the right places! Just make sure you order the right size!

Big Checks
- I said checks not cheques! Going bigger and better on the man shirt, this season bigger is better!

Scarves - Go crazy in any shade, style or fabri this autumn, all scarves are hot!

Being the Last Girl Dancing
- Our new range of tees in the UK shop (coming soon in the US store as well).

And the things you can live without?

Mini Pencil Skirts! - I'm taking a wild guess that the whole slutty sexretary (sp) look won't go down too well at the school playground! And yes the pun was intended!

Power Couples
- Brangelina are rated number've got to think given their ethics that they've got to hate that pretentious title!

Trumpet Sleeves - Big wafty mother-flappers of a fashion nightmare!

Wasps - One minute you look devine, the next you're doing a Pheobe run in the playground away from those yellow and black tyrants!


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