Skyscraping The Bottom Of The Barrel!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Straight in today with a pet peeve of mine, in the things you can live without is skyscrapper stiletto's - with both Victoria Beckham and SJP turning heads (and possibly their own ankles) in them, I feel it's important to be clear on what they represent. 1. Painful feet and 2. You don't have a man but you want one.
Also getting my coat (sp) is stretch sateen, for the unfamiliar, that's a shiny, taught fabric that accentuates every single lump and crevice. Yuk!
Sarah Palin - the right women for the job. If the job is skinning a moose and shooting an abortion doctor, that is.
Skulls and Crossbones - Done to death. They need to R.I.P. for a while. Halloween is of course exempt.
Dark Mornings - They're only good for one thing. Hiding the fact that you've worn one of the above!
On the positive side, there are some stuff, I think it'd be had to live without this week!
Corduroy Trousers - perfect for the very up-to-th-minute collegiate trend!
Mid Calf Length Cowboy Boots - Shoes Life indeed. Once you slip on these babes, you become a sexy hot cowgirl. Yea hah!
Red - Totally hot right now, and adorning the celebrity flesh out in Hollywood.
Sequinns - Ok. Ok. I give in, i've been beaten into submission by those determined little sparklers!
Central Heating - gives us the option of wearing just one layer of clothing.


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