Jordan defeats Katie Price!

Monday, September 21, 2009

This one definitely fits into the things you can live without category.

Jordan appears to have killed off her Katie Price persona once and for all. You can see her here celebrating her victory.

It's really an image taken from her night out watching current boyfriend (mixed martial arts "star") Alex Reid win some title.

Shy and demure as ever, Jordan got as involved as much as possible without actually throwing any punches. Can't quite make out what her slogan t-shirt reads but I suspect its probably along the lines of "The Chav".

Doing her bit for setting back women's rights 100 years, Jordan's claim that she was raped several years ago, has taken on the sheen of a soap opera cliffhanger. I think its fair to say that the Jordan side of her Jeckyl and Hyde personality is in the ascendancy.

Public perception seems to be turning against her though, people liked Katie, they don't much care any more for Jordan.

My guess is that we won't be seeing Katie again until that negative public opinion starts hitting her in the wallet.


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