Enchanted By Fashion.

Thursday, November 22, 2007
Welcome to your Steve Mclaren free update on the things you can and the things you can't live without from Queen of Suburbia.

Things You can't Live Without.

Mega Minis - These dresses just keep getting shorter and shorter, team them with black tights or leggings to maintain your dignity.

Enchanted - Magical, Whimsical comical movie coming our way soon, and for all you fashionistas out there, check out the elaborate wardrobe!

Oversized Gems - Jewellry is boardering on the austentatious right now, with a hint of vintage antique.

Mustard - The colour not the relish! Works on accessories and garments alike.

Organisational Skills - Trying to negotiate Christmas family politics starts now!

Things You Can't Live With!

Pre Christmas Layoffs - Those Saturday Night Live employyees will need some goodwill around the festive season this year.

Patent Leather Jackets - Who wants to wear something they have to polish on a regular basis? (this excludes shoes).

Suede Footwear - Severly impractical for such a wet and drizzly season. Feet seem like a good place for Patent Leather though...

Goth Nails - Already dated with Emo overkill. Rebel by wearing pastel shades!

Chistmas Politics - You can't keep everyone happy - don't try too hard!


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