Spice Girls Tour Re-arranged

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Another week goes by and here I am again poised with yet another fashion blog around those things you can and things you can't live without.

Starting with the things you can't live without.

New Face Of Versace - Mr Patrick Dempsey...a classy choice one thinks.

Cream - The colour, not that delicious and naughty treat that gets us salivating. Wear it as evening wear...the colour not the treat.

Berets - Big knitted ones that will keep your noggin snugly and give you that extra fashionable edge.

T-Bar Shoes - Any colour goes this season and are multifunctional as day wear with jeans and your queen of suburbia t-shirt or as evening wear with a special dress.

Lots of Christmas Invites - To parties and functions make it more festive.

Sadly there are plenty of things you can live without!

Spice Girl Hoax - Now it wasn't very nice to re-arrange their tour schedule without their knowledge now was it?

Celebs Visiting Chopville - If the continue hacking of their tresses at the rate they are, there will be no more long haired starlets left!

Bandage Dresses - Look painful, and do you really want to see butt cheeks wrestling each other for space?

Sequined Wedge Heels - Belong on Broadway, not down your local.

Unnecessary Spending - Donate it to the unfortunate this season rather than overspending for the sake of it.

At the end of this weeks blog, I have a small announcement, as well as a new look for the Queen of Suburbia blog, we are going to be taking on a new format very shortly. Instead of a weekly blog, we'll be going daily. Get 'em peeled for more details

Have a great week.



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