Fall From Grace

Monday, December 10, 2007
As promised we've got a new format for the Queen of Suburbia blog. Rather than posting weekly, we've decided to blog on a daily basis.

We've decided to start with Miss Sophie Anderton as one of the things you can live without. Tales of prostitution and drugs complete her fall from grace. This is an ego-maniac who needs to sort herself out.

On the positive side, with Christmas just around the corner, you can't live without a little bit of embellishment on your dress. December is just about the only month you can get away with it, so embellish away! Pictured below is Kiera Knightly who accessorised her aubergine Vera Wang gown with a vintage 1960s Bulgari necklace. The rest of us mere mortals in suburbia may have to make do with Topshop accessorised with accessorise though!!

Lots of Love Danni.


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