A Belated Happy New Year From All At Queen of Suburbia

Monday, January 14, 2008
Firstly i'd like to say sorry that we're already on the 14th Jan and this is my first post of the year! It was an incredibly busy Christmas and New Year period here at Queen of Suburbia Fashion and 2008 has just been more of the same! That said, i've got some things you can't live with and some things you can't live without, all tee'd up and ready to go!

You can't live with......

Toga Dresses! - Looking like you've just wrapped yourself up in the bed sheets is a bad way to start 2008 or any other year for that matter (except maybe 100 B.C - everyone did it then.)

Zanessa - The Effron /Hudgens alliance has everyone asking "will it last?" THEY ARE KIDS FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE - let them lose the acne before we have them married off!

False Eyelashes - It seems the mega super lash builder mascara's that turns your lashes into the density of a small oak tree are no longer enough...now we are supposed spend 20minutes fiddling with falsies before the school run? I'll pass if its all the same to you.

Red - Can I please remind everyone that Christmas is over. Thankyou.

More Than One Fitness DVD - Save the money, or better yet, spend it on shoes!

As for the things you can't live without....

Slogans, Logos, and Printed Tee's - Yes the casual favourite is back in 2008, but remember, the Queen still rules!

Golden Globe Awards - All but cancelled due to the writers strike, it doesn't help the celebs clamour for glamour does it?

Emerald Green - For a fresh new start, sport this vivid shade and make onlookers green with envy!

Dainty Jewellery - Out with the chunky appendages, (i mean, who really wants to look like they are on day release) and in with the kind of gold, flisy girlie pieces that a man would buy you as a gift.

A Fashion Spring Clean - Anything not worn this century should be donated to the needy.


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