Wrestling With Britney.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
I've decided to combine two of the items I think you can live without for my title today...is it just me or does it sound like an Indy band?

What can you live without this week?

Wrestling Boots - As a fashion statement for us ladies...they should get the Smackdown before this look even takes off.

Britney's Airtime - Considering how little she does to entertain in a positive way - she and her dire situation is still being rammed down our throats.

Bracelet Bags - Great idea in principle, lousy in reality. These appendages attached to bangles, look cheap.

Electric Blue Spandex - Seriously, these don't look good on anyone. Not even Kate Moss could work this look.

Charlize Theron - Talented, beautiful, humble and my husband adores her. I'd love to hate her, but I can't!

And the things you can't live without.

Royal Blue Eyeliner - Go. Get. Some.

Flesh Coloured Shoes - Especially heeled ones. Anything that makes your legs look longer is ok by me!

Abstract Print - Anything you look at and don't understand on a garment is cool, simple really.

Sundance Film Festival - Gives credit to some real little movie diamonds.

Heath Ledger - Found dead only 28 years young. This talented actor will be sadly missed and our hearts go out to his two year old daughter.


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