Posh, Cheryl and Going Nude!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Ashley and Cheryl Cole story is dominating the tabloids....they seem to have settled on a theme, that being "Is Ashley Cole Insane?" One element that interested me though was the Victoria Beckham angle on it and specifically the advice Posh gave the former Miss Tweedy of Girls Aloud fame...interested me enough for it to make my "Things you can live without" list anyhow! Seriously, how would having a family with that Arsenal leaving love rat provide a child with a secure upbringing?
Rainbow Coloured Shoes - Also earning my ire this week, reserved for Rainbow Brite methinks, shield your eyes from this glaring fashion faux pas!
Tye Dye - We all got that out of our systems when we were skint fashion students, to go back now eould be regressive!
Embellishments - On garments or accessories are off limits now until next christmas. Save them for the tree.
Irresponsible dog owners - We don't like to see our designer shoes decorated with dog excrement, so pick it up!
With that out of my system, I can concentrate on the items you can't live without!
Pastel Shades - As in sunglasses, will be the ray-bans of choice this summer.
Sling Backs - The shoes you watched your mum traipse around in when you were young and now back, so get raiding her closet.
Going Nude - Not literally, but wearing the new shade for this season is nearly as good as baring sexy flesh!
Tees - Are being sported by models already for the better weather spring brings. Slogan tees of of course tops!
Sunshine - After a recent taster, i could go for the main course!
Have a great day!


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