Fashion - It's Simply Not Cricket!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Spring is in the air, so I feel like starting on a positive note today!

The things you can't live without!

Belted Spring Jackets - Black is the colour being sported out in Hollywood, simple, clean lines work everytime.

Bright Coloured Shoes - Any block toned shoe style goes this month, to go with our lighter, brighter spring mood.

Halo Hair - You know the kind that has a gentle tousled fliffiness that catches the sunlight - hence halo effect.

Oriental Patterns - Are heading up the print list, mainly on drapey style garments.

Live And Let Live Mentality - Why are there not more people sharing this not so uptight view of the world???

Things you can live without.

Cricket Sweaters - Not sure the pro's that fact that we can't differentiate between them and the general public.

Black Pumps - Are to their own funeral this season, as we are done with secretary chic.

Techno Fashion - In an ironic twist, futuristic garments have had their day!

Tiny Clutch Bags - Surely these are just purses with a superiority complex, and a hefty price tag...nice try!

Drama Chasers - Women who can't exist without drama, be it their own or somebody elses.


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