Lets Get Ready To Rumble!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Hi again! I thought it safest to avoid my husband screaming at the referee in the Arsenal Liverpool soccer match and add a few more items to my things you can't live with and things you can't live without lists!

Things you can't live without!

The Casual Cardi - This is a hard one to pull off, but worth the effort, go for relaxed knit, not belted, fitted tapered or shaped. Just hang loose man!

Legs - Are back, so its ok to get them out as long as they've been tended and pimped in prep for their 08 debut.

Different Coloured Lapels - from the rest of the garment, if you want to be "Little Miss Sharpe" lapel it up.

Banana - The colour, not the phallic shaped fruit has real appeal (sorry!) This shade of yellow will put a smile on your face!

High School Musical 3 - If you want your kids to think you're cool, its time to get your head in the game...again!

On to the things you can live without...

Frilly Filly's - The little Bo Peep look has never and will never, be fit for anything other than panto!

Hollywood Double Date Info - Who cares if Posh and Becks pair up with Kate Beckinsdale and hubby. Unless its a mixed tag match at Wrestlemania, we don't want to know.

Wonky Hair - Lopsided, big bubble hair is not hot. E news that had to be an April Fool Joke right?

Favouritism - "Bread" the jean maker has just designed maternity jeans for Angelina after being contacted by her stylist. Hey, what about the rest of the world's women with child?

The Spiderwick Chronicles - The 'trapped nerve in the neck' look I'm rocking right now after visiting this jump-fest of a movie is not one of my best....


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