Taking the A-Line.

Sunday, April 27, 2008
Back in Blighty after a brief sojourn over to Florida...If you've never done Disney, then I can heartily recommend it! I'll do a full blog on our Florida excusion at some point but for now, colour me impressed!

For now, I want to concentrate on those items that you can and can't live without this week.

You can't live without:

Tank Tops - In a light weight knit, over vests or tees are geek chic of choice! Check out the Burberry number opposite!

A-live lace dresses - Are hitting Hollywood Big Style...word of advice, make sure it's lined!

Cerise - That vivid '80's colour is back and is quickly reclaiming its street cred.

Panama Wicker Hats - You don't need sunshine to wear these, you just need style.

Fab Memories - Are priceless, and are something no-one can ever take away from you!

Live Without -

Animal Print - It's now off-limits for garments although we can make allowances for shoes or accessories.

Patchwork Bermudas - Over the pond, they seem to be gathering an awful lot of momentum...we Brits are far too sensible for that...aren't we?

Gillets - Time to deflate these puffa wannabees and put the sleeveless wonders away til autumn.

Bling - Has recently moved aside for ethnic/boho style jewellry, how very civil of it!

Regret - One life, go do something great with it!


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