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Sunday, June 20, 2010
today, what am doing just browse and browse, i was almost loosing my passion in fashion becouse of something personal but now my passion is back, and am realy happy bec i dont know what i can be or what am going to be if am not fashion stylist, cant be anything else but fashion stylist or fashion consultant.

well, i just doing some research mmh i am not sure it can be call research, i just surfing on internet all day this weekend to get my passion back and i found a lot a lot of blogg, interesting blog and i hope i can connect with them, one is NICOLA F and she is stylist for Lady gaga Video Klip Alejandro.
she soo lucky, and i hope one day i can go international.

I just realize that what i really want is become FASHION CONSULTANT for anyone for everybody
everybody can be my client, this is start when i went to boutique there is two girls came to me and ask me some advise about how to get dress to the party, and am soo excited to told them what to wear ect.
at the other day, i met them again and they really thankful for what i did for them, i feel like am useful and i am soo happy.
work in the magazine, and making article about fashion or photo shoot for fashion spread and become fashion stylist i think its still not enough. Maybe for become fashion consultant i can be more close with my client.
to see the transform from unstylist to be ultra stylist will make me happy.
i know that i still new in this industry but bec of my passion on it i grew fast, maybe am not that famouse or my knowledge is still little about fashion but sooner i know people will know me as fashion consultant.

soo for those who need my fashion advise, please do not hesitate to email me to
i will do the best that i can to help.


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