Color Me Bad

Monday, June 21, 2010
Sara Liz Pickett and H. Ginger Johnson at a recent showcase event.
The full nail color collection at Ginger + Liz -
My favorites: 1. Caution!; 2. Heart Breaker; 3. New Money; 4. Show Off all $12.00 by Ginger + Liz at

Summer sun means summer nails and with all the bright colors available these days it's hard to know which brand to pick. If you're going to spend $9 or more on nail lacquer you'll want to make sure it's got the power and intensity to last. Enter "Ginger + Liz." The new nail collection, founded by friends Sara Liz Pickett and H. Ginger Johnson, is the buzzworthy brand of organic and vegan friendly nail lacquer with a growing legion of fashionista and celebrity fans alike. Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Julissa Bermudez and Beyonce are just some of their followers. If you like daring colors that won't chip at the drop of a hat, check this brand out. My favorite color is
"Show Off" - I'm wearing it right now. There's nothing like neon pink toes to get your summer started right!


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