New Hair Cut

Friday, November 26, 2010
After having my hair in weaves for over a year I decided to go back to my short locks and went for the chop (again) a few weeks ago. Even though my hair had been in a very short pixie cut when I started growing it agian, it had grown quite a lot in a year and I had a lot more hair on my hair than I anticipated.

(My hair after leaving the salon)

My hair inspiration for this cut was Frankie from The Saturday's, I have always admired her hair since they came on the scene. The main part of the hair style I wanted to re-create was the volume and body in the front section of her hair which I stressed to my hair stylist as my hair tends to go quite flat. She advised me this could be achieved by putting layers all over my hair and I love it!!

(What it looks like now)

I can't wait for part two of my new hair style which will be the colour. Despite the fact that I am adventourous with my cuts I have never coloured my hair apart from a few Crazy Colour red rinses when I was younger. I have ALWAYS wanted to colour my hair but never had the balls to go through with it and after talking to a friend and also a colour technician my colour has been decided and I will be doing it in a few weeks.....


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