Gizmo & Missy

Sunday, January 16, 2011
Hi All!

Just wanted to update you on how my new bunny Missy is doing at her new home. As you may remember my boyfriend gave me Missy as a Christmas present after I begged him for a new bunny! She is my fifth bunny but my first house rabbit... and trust me it is very different to having an outdoor rabbit.

She currently lives here...

This basket is big enough to fit a small dog in so very spacious for Missy, do not think that I keep her locked up in here 24/7. She has free roam of the bedroom whilst I am there and only gets locked when I am at work etc. It's quite funny that she usually prefers to chill out in her 'bedroom' when she has all the space of my room to run free.

She and Gizmo are getting along luckily for me....

However most of the time this scene usually occurs.....

Gizmo loves just watching her, I don't think he quite understands that she will be living here permantly. Missy is also trained now to use her own litterpan which is great considering we had one incident of her weeing all over my bedsheets - not good for me! But now she has taken a strange liking to Gizmo's litter tray as well as her own... poor Gizmo!

I just wanted to show you the above images, my babies are so cute!

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