My Vintage Obsession: Raiding my Nan's wardrobe!

Thursday, January 27, 2011
Hi All!!

As my obsession with Vintage clothing grows as each day passes I had an idea whilst at my grandparents last week. My nan is such a hoarder (where me and my mom more then likely get it from) so I reckoned she is bound to have some items of clothing from back in the day that she no longer has use for.

So I asked he kindly:
Me: 'Nan? Do you have any clothes or accessories from decades ago that I could have?'
Nan: 'Yes, let's have a look!'

And this is what I was lucky enough to find...

Sequin Butterfly Top
I have seen a few girls wearing tops like this one but how many of them can say theres was made in the 80's?

Chunky Jumper
Fitted with shoulder pads and the popular knitted patterns I was so happy to receive this

Lemon Knitted Jumper
My nan has only worn this once, she paid a lot of money for an old friend of hers to knit this jumper. I fell in love with it instantly.

Selection of Jewellery
She always gave me all of this jewellery from the 70's and 80's

I really did feel like i've been out shopping when I returned home with all of these goodies! Anyone else raided a family members wardrobe for Vintage clothes?

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