My first shirt dress

Saturday, January 29, 2011
 I like blogging cause t it gives me the chance to experiment with writing and photography  and document the process on top of that!. Every time I see the progress I've ,I pat me in the shoulder ( I've practiced that ,too).

Since last week I'm struggling with my camera. Today I had some free time and I took 300 photos only to keep but a few. However settings and myself are not total strangers any more!
How many photos do you take for each post?What's the main reason to get blurry photos ?

On to the outfit now .I bought this shirt dress yesterday ( I liked the pattern so much) together with a dress and a denim shirt at very low price! I felt so proud of myself cause my patience was rewarded!
However , I'm  a bit  troubled as I've never styled a shirt dress before.My husband was a great help and  steered me out of some stylistic mistakes,today.
At one point he offered to bring me the mop cause I looked like a cleaning lady!!! He was joking (I hope) and the thing is this outfit we both liked looks cool!!!


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