Happy New Year! Twenty Ten Outfits

Saturday, January 1, 2011
Hi lovely readers!  Hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and enjoying the first day of 2011!  I don't normally venture out except to see family but would have loved to have seen one of the many firework displays!   I just went for a lovely meal with the family and only just made it back for midnight and had some lovely cupcakes at my sisters!   Can't believe how quick the time has flown as only started blogging at the end of April this year!   Fashion is just something I love, I'm no 'stylist' or know everything about fashion and trends, I just wear what I like and what makes me happy!  I've definitely picked up some great ideas/tips from other blogs, I never realised how many incredibly stylish bloggers were out there!

I'm hoping to do more outfit posts and interior posts this year, also is there anything you would love to see on here?  Also, just want to say a massive thanks to all my lovely followers who take the time to read my blog and comment, you're the best!

Well, it's farewell to 2010, bring on 2011!  What's everyone's plans/resolutions for the coming year? 

Here's some of my Outfit posts from 2010!


 Have an amazing year in 2011 everyone!!! xxx


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