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Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Hi everyone!  I've been dreaming about where I would like to go on holiday this year, whether I acutally go is yet to be decided!  There are so many wonderful places I still want to visit!  If I could I'd pack my bags now and go on a trip round the world, but that's not really going to happen right now!  Anywhere thats full of culture and history, stunning landscape and architecture is my ideal destination, I'm not really someone who just goes on holiday to lay on the beach!  I love to explore and discover as much as I can when I go anywhere but also like to chill on the beach to recover from all the walking!  However, I'm thinking my next holiday should be somewhere more cosmopolitan and chic such as New York or Paris as I've never been there!

These are some of my favourite cities and countries which I've been lucky enough to visit (I couldn't include everywhere I've been, too many pics!).  Just a few of my pictures from my travels and adventures around the world!



Rome - Italy





What's your dream holiday? Do you have any holidays planned and can you recommend any must see places?


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