Revelations plus a bonus Outfit #27# and #28#

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Basically I'm a skirts and dresses kind of woman but today I want to reveal that when the temperature falls all I can think of is trousers.They are super warm and work well with  my boots.
Another thing I want to reveal about this outfit is that in a desperate attempt to hide the 3 kilos I got over the holidays I stressed the area around my neck with a scarf and...a necklace!
All wandering eyes will be punished!!!

Wait , there is more to reveal today...While checking my photos to make a collage I came across the above outfit that I forgot to post.God must be happy with me for reasons unknown to me.This bonus outfit is my typical style embellished with one of my favorite necklaces.
And for the finale you can get a glimpse of my old and my new backyard. I like how similar they look .
On the whole, we have made enough memories in our new house during the holidays so we can call  it home. Have a great wintery weekend!!!


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