Spartoo Review: Converse

Sunday, January 23, 2011
Hi All!!

Given my recent opportunity to choose an item from the Spartoo website I decided to treat the boyfriend, Richard with something. My boy just like many others out there, is a big fan of this brand; and luckily for him this website has a wide range of Converse to choose from.

I have to say Richard is just as bad as a girl when it comes to making a decision over gifted shoes. The excitment that overcomes you when you have a wide selection to go through and then that tough decision making you have to do when you finally have two or three items to pick from. Luckily he gave me his final decision shortly after and he choose these....

They arrived within the week as per usual from the guys and gals at Spartoo so no drama with the item to being delivered. I love that every item I have received from Spartoo has been delivered so quickly!

Just as they appeared on the website we were very happy with them. Richard himself has reviewed these for me and has said that they are a very well made paid of All Star's, he finds them comfortable and therefore wears them as often as possible. He is able to put these with almost any outfit he wears and thinks they'll will last a long time in his shoe collection.

Richard has seen how happy I have been with item's received from the Spartoo website and now he is a fan also. You wouldn't believe how many times I have spotted him browsing the many other brands they have to offer.

Another satisfied customer!

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