Gold or a Rose Gold Watch??

Sunday, February 20, 2011
I have been wanting to buy a Gold/Rose Gold watch for over a year now but I never seem to actually make that purchase even though I've tried on a million within that time period. So yesterday whilst shopping at Westfield I decided to finally just get the damn watch but the problem I was then faced with was what watch to buy from a selection of 5 and what colour. My sales assistant was a guy who was very patient with me whilst I tried on the same watches over and over again lol.

I really wanted to buy this Michael Kors Rose Gold watch but felt it didn't really look that great on my complexion and the fact that i'll probably only wear it for a little while and get bored of it. However I am now having second thoughts....

I ended up buying this Michael Kors Gold watch  but I didn't have the links taken off as I am still undecided if I want to go back for the Rose Gold or a different gold watch by another brand I've been lusting after for agggggeeesss too!!

Now you can see why despite the fact that I've wanted to buy a watch for over a year I haven't been able to make a decision with my indecisiveness *Shaking my head*.


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