Interior Style: Moroccan Lanterns

Thursday, February 3, 2011
Hi there!  This is another quick post just to show you these gorgeous Moroccan lanterns I recently bought!  My favourite interior style is Moroccan inspired, especially lanterns, I really wish I'd bought more when I was in Morocco a few years ago, however, they were too big and the most beautiful ones were extremely expensive!  Still on the look out for ones with coloured glass in the design!  These white and black lanterns have a gorgeous design and when the candle is lit, it gives off a stunning glow!  These were both a mega bargain, the cheapest purchase I've made in ages, I bought 2 in each colour, the white lantern was only £5 and the black one was in the sale for £3.50!  Yes, really, they are that price!!! The quality is ok considering the price!  The white lanterns will go in my bedroom and living room, not sure where to put the black ones yet, I definitely prefer the white ones over the black colour as they reflect the candle light better.  I also really want a Moroccan pouffe, I've been going on about it for ages but have never got round to buying one, so hopefully will get one soon!
Do you like Moroccan interiors?  What's your favourite interior style?

Moroccan Lanterns: Wilkinson online store


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