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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Arm Warmers - As well as owning a snood this winter, everyone should have a pair of knitted arm warmers!  I own many leather gloves but wanted some fingerless arm warmers as they are more comfortable when driving, I love these and they keep my hands and arms so warm in this unbearable weather, I only have some grey ones from H&M but will be buying some more woolly ones soon!  These are essential if you own any 3/4 sleeve coats so your arms don't freeze!
Knitted Arm warmers - £12 Warehouse

Working From Home - I was snowed in last week for several days and was so relieved to be out of the cold and in my cosy warm house, really couldn't drive in the crazy snow!  Today my car had problems, the gears went while I drove to work and had to drive back home and was only able to use 3rd gear, I've no idea how I made it home!  So I'm working from home again for next few days.  Nobody bothers me at home, which means I get alot more work done, I can sit in my 'home' clothes and not bother with make-up!  However, I couldn't work at home on a regular basis as the work laptop is frustratingly slow and there's no-one to talk to!

Pukka Organic Three Mint Tea - I've recently discovered a brand of herbal teas called Pukka, the Three Mint tea is the only one I've tried so far, it's a unique combination of peppermint, spearmint and fieldmint and tastes so fresh and delicious!  Pukka sells a range of products such as organic herbal remedies and teas and I'm really looking forward to trying the other flavours!  I bought a pack of 20 from Tesco and they are more expensive then the Twinnings brand I normally buy from, but you can really taste the difference.

Paperchase - Finally you can buy all their lovely products online!  I think it's been a few weeks now, can't believe it's taken them this long to get online (I think they were available on Amazon, but only a limited range).  Paperchase always has a wide range of gorgeous colourful stationery, notebooks, art materials, greeting cards and home accessories, perfect for gifts!


Snow & Ice - Need I say more?  I do love abit of snow and it always looks so picture perfect, but maybe only for a few days, now I'm fed up of it as can't really go anywhere and it's freezing all the time!  My heating bill is also going to be astronomical!

Mulberry Bags Price Increase - Last week as I was browsing online for Mulberry bags (as you do!), I noticed the prices had significantly increased!  A Mulberry Bayswater now costs £650!!!  I'm well aware designers up their prices every now and then but I never thought they would increase by this amount!  Well what can I say to Mulberry? I do love your gorgeous bags but you've made your bags even more unaffordable to all those people who have spent along time saving to buy one!  Although it won't prevent me buying their bags in the future, I'm just glad I got my Bayswater before the prices went up!

Winter Coat Hunt - I'm still no closer to finding a winter coat that fits me and also looks good, I've lost count of the amount of coats I've ordered and returned!  These are the times I hate being petite and wish I was a 'normal' size!  The petite coats currently in the stores either don't fit right or just don't appeal to me.  So my search goes on.....

Laziness - Ever since the weather turned cold, I've not done any form of exercise at all!  I ususally only do Pilates and some of my other fitness DVD's, however, I've not been motivated to do anything at all!  All I want to do is curl up on the sofa with a lovely cup of tea (and sometimes cake!), I seriously need to get back into a rountine and get active again!

Does everyone else feel the same?


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