Retail Therapy: New Coat & More Purchases!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Hi everyone!  I've been itching to do a Retail Therapy post as last one was a month ago!  Since then, I've bought so much but also returned alot too!  So here's all the purchases I've kept and am really trying to hold out for the sales as I know I'll go mad!  The first thing I need to celebrate is the fact I've found a coat at long last, woohoo!  I'm sure you all know I've been searching all over the world for a coat that fits and looks right on me (slight exaggeration!), and the endless amounts of coats I've purchased and been disappointed with time and time again!  This wool coat is surprisingly from Asos, normally their coats don't 'hang' right on me, I love the military style and it doesn't drown me at all as I'm really petite!  
 Navy Wool Petite Military Coat: Asos

Also bought a few things from Forever 21, some casual check shirts and cardigan, I've shopped there many times before it opened in the UK, the clothes are ok, not great quality, some of the knitwear is quite nice, the jewellery is really poorly made and you have to be careful what you buy, prices are cheap and sometimes randomly priced? 
My obsession with pussy bow blouses continues, love this one from New Look, also bought some cable knit leggings which I've been lusting after for ages!  The grey wool/flannel dress and Religion leopard print scarf are from the Clothes Show.  Topshop are selling some really gorgeous knitwear and winter accessories this season, the brown leopard print scarf/shawl is huge and so warm, also bought some black ankle length Baxter skinny jeans (which are not pictured here) and this pretty leaf bracelet.  Last but not least, these warm, soft wool arm warmers are from Warehouse, Wow, that was alot to get through, but it's a months worth of purchases!  Will I be able to control my urge to buy anthing before the sales start? I will try really hard! haha!

Grey Wool Cardigan: Forever 21
Floral Pussy Bow Blouse: New Look

 Grey Wool/Flannel Dress: Clothes Show
Grey Leopard Print Scarf: Religion
Brown Leopard Print Scarf/Shawl: Topshop

 Check Shirts : Forever 21

Grey Cable Knit Leggings: New Look
Wool Arm Warmers: Warehouse
Gold Leaf Bracelet: Topshop
Pearl Bracelet: Forever 21

Thanks for all your lovely comments, I do read them all! x


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