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Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Girls Hair Accessories
Ok, it may be because I'm already getting excited about spring (blame, it's those spring runway shows that are causing it), but I am in love with our girls hair accessories.  They're so beautiful!  What could be prettier than jeweled flowers in a girl's hair?  And, even though flowers are spring-y, they can still totally work as winter accessories.  You can't go wrong with floral hair clips and headbands, regardless of the season.  They'd make good stocking stuffers... hint hint. 

And speaking of stocking stuffers, if you still haven't finished your Christmas shopping, you can have presents delivered from Sophia's Style by Christmas Eve with 2nd Day Air, so don't hesitate to keep online shopping. 

Girls Hair Accessories
While we're on the subject of last minute gifts, you should also know that Sophia's Style is now offering EGift Cards.  Now, a lot of people think gift cards seem impersonal, or thoughtless.  I, however, tend to disagree.  I have rather particular tastes, and am also incredibly difficult to fit.  I like shopping for myself, so gift cards are wonderful gifts for me.  And let's be honest, most of us give gifts with gift receipts.  That's just a present-shaped gift card.  So send EGift Cards shamelessly, that way your girl can get exactly what she wants- and she'll probably be able to make that gift card stretch much further with post-Christmas sales. 

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